Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Same Top, Different Bottoms

Old Navy has been calling my attention recently so I decided to do a little visual styling. I picked a top, handbag and shoes and paired them with 3 different bottoms. 

This is more of a Fall look with some pattern mixing. 

Women's Animal-Print D'Orsay FlatsWomen's Bucket BagsWomen's Flannel Popovers

Women's Printed-Jersey Pencil SkirtsWomen's The Rockstar Distressed Super-Skinny JeansWomen's The Rockstar Mid-Rise Coated Jeans

This is more of a "I can't let go of Summer just yet" look.

Women's Heeled ClogsWomen's Crossbody Bags
Women's Graphic Slub-Knit Tees

Women’s Drapey Cinched Pants (26-1/2Women's Pleated-Chiffon SkirtsWomen's The Sweetheart Skinny Jeans

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Wednesday Wisdom

 Lessons in life allow you to grow whether you "pass" the test right away or stumble and retake it a few times. Not all lessons will bring you joy from the very beginning, actually quite a few hurt but in the end if you lean on God, He "will either take you where you're supposed to be, or give you grace to remain where you are until He says it's time to move on." Never lose faith, hold your head high and keep paving the way to your purpose. You live your life winning some and losing some.